Vivi is native to Los Angeles, CA, and she is humbled by the privilege of conscious existence. She is a live mannequin, in Burbank, as well as an international pop artist, internationally.

She began posting dance videos to YouTube then started making not dance videos as part of the comedy duo, Karis & Vivi. She now also makes her own not dance videos on her independent channel, because she needs somewhere to put her excessive weirdness unique voice and creative energy. She usually shoots and edits these cinematic gems alone in her room. Don’t be fooled. It sounds really lonely, but it’s only a little lonely. The most difficult part is micromanaging herself while maintaining a positive rapport with herself.

Vivi is a dancer and choreographer, and she has worked on stage, television, music videos, commercials, film, and live events. Her own choreographic work is an echo of the human condition in the language of contemporary dance and voguing. She has a separate website for all that stuff over here.

She graduated magna cum laude from Casa Loma College with a Physical Therapist Assistant degree in 2014, and she looks forward to one day working in dance injury rehabilitation and paying off her student debt. LOL, okay, I’ll stop with the jokes. I mean, she’ll stop with the jokes.

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Twitter/Instagram: @DanceViviDance

Contact: DanceViviDance@gmail.com