Me: Why do people want to get to know other people?

Male, 24: It is an open ended question, the answers are infinite. The question itself is strange now that I think about it. It’s a way to “get to know someone” asking.
  • Some people are curious. It’s a yes/passion to/about life. Active. (About everything including humans, behavior, how and why people do/think things. What kind of experiences they share or not, etc). Some are not. Some are sometimes.
  • To learn
  • To feel good showing interest/care / love for another person’s well being and existence.
  • To feel someone will do that for them.
  • To have an ally.
  • To give something.
  • To get something.
  • To laugh.
  • To balance connectedness with disconnectedness from others.
  • To validate one’s own views, to feel a (false?) sense of sureness about things in life (which is really un-Knowable and a mystery?).
  • To seek new views and ideas.
I left out sex, but that can be a reason too.
  • To gain understanding (which can help one predict and manipulate reality)

Me: Why do people want to get to know other people?

Female, 22: I don’t think all people want to get to know other people. But the ones that do, it makes them feel connected to the world, not lonely, also humans love stories (that’s why movie business is so profitable)…By getting to know people, they get to hear their stories. Business minded people want to get to know others so they can later on rely on them and use those connections. We all subconsciously want to be able to rely on others, maybe it gives us a sense of security.