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VIVI | international pop artist Surprises Fans: Drops Latest Hit Single on Doorsteps [VIDEO]

VIVI | international pop artist took Christmas caroling to whole new level. She was spotted yesterday singing her latest hit single, ‘Christmas Hit Single,’ on the doorsteps of unsuspecting fans with a cheerful elf and Santa in tow. Less than 24 hours later (like literally right now) she dropped the video for the rest of the world to see. We have something to be merry about this holiday season. Let’s spread the kindness.


VIVI | international pop artist Spotted at Local McDonalds

Hashtag selfie. VIVI | international pop artist #ShittyBooty #WhipYoDickOutinSpace

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VIVI | international pop artist was spotted taking selfies at a North Hollywood McDonald’s and belligerently shouting profanities about American Kpop star, Yangy-Pop. With some digging we were able to find this video of the Kpop sensation on the lonely web. As of this posting, the so-called ‘talentless nobody and threat to everything I have ever stood for Cunty McGunther’ has accumulated a little over a hundred views, with no signs of slowing down… we’d say she’s more of a promise than a threat to VIVI | international pop artist’s career. Yangy-Pop is said to be releasing her first American Kpop hit single as early as next month. Stay tuned as this rivalry unfolds.


VIVI drops hit single, Vevo traffic drops

Vevo music channel saw a significant (88%) drop in traffic shortly after VIVI | international pop artist dropped the music video for her latest hit single today.

‘Whip Yo Dick Out in Space’ – VIVI | international pop artist
Written by: Hughie Stone Fish and VIVI | international pop artist
Produced by Hughie Stone Fish, Stone Fish Studios

Director: Justin Small
Animator & Editor: Jackie Bauwens
Cinematographer: Megan Stacey
Dancers: James E. Barmore Jr (Choreographer), Tirek Johnson, Kevin Kelley, Delleon Mclin
Video Vixen: Bryan Forrest
Production Assistant: Kasmira Buchanan

Behind the Scenes:

#BTS at the Recording Studio

#BTS Behind the Art

#BTS Dicks: Behind the Art of ‘Whip Yo Dick Out in Space’

VIVI | international pop artist takes us behind the scenes [VIDEO below] on the making of her music video for ‘Whip Yo Dick Out in Space,’ which she describes as a critical success.

The music video is due to be released one week from today, 12.14.15, though not without controversy regarding dick portrayal.

Science can be a hard dick to swallow, but we can all agree these artists are coming into this with all they’ve got, and you can watch! Here is an exclusive look:

Pictured below is the creative team, Jústïñ Æ. Šmåll (director) and Jackie Bauwens (animator). #BTS #ProductionLife #WhipYoDickOutinSpace

BREAKING: VIVI Spotted with On-Again Off-Again BAE!

VIVI | international pop artist was spotted with her on-again, off-again locally famous boyfriend, Kirby LaBrea! For anyone who’s been living under a rock, he was her backup dancer and lead choreographer, but they reportedly took a break when she finally understood the implications of his homosexuality. The couple is working through their differences.

Dance Vlog #8: Move Your Body (Full Dance & Hilarious BTS Extras)

Snap for the kids! Kazzy got the party crew together for a performance of Move Your Body at the RADIOACTIVE Charity Fashion and Dance Show in Pasadena, CA, featuring Calypso Jete as Beyoncé with dancers: Chaterra Benton, Olivia Bollfrass, Kasmira Buchanan, Bothie Estavan, Sarah Galiatsatos, Zachariah Griffin, Kevin Kelley, and Vivi Varon (me!). Watch till the end for hilarious behind the scenes shenanigans!

The event was hosted by Dance For Peace 501(c), QueenVee Entertainment and Jayvee Dance Center, and the funds raised went towards dance scholarships.