Dance Vlogs

A behind the scene look at some of the dance projects I am involved in.

Dance Vlog #8: Move Your Body (Full Dance & Hilarious BTS Extras)

Snap for the kids! Kazzy got the party crew together for a performance of Move Your Body at the RADIOACTIVE Charity Fashion and Dance Show in Pasadena, CA, featuring Calypso Jete as Beyoncé with dancers: Chaterra Benton, Olivia Bollfrass, Kasmira Buchanan, Bothie Estavan, Sarah Galiatsatos, Zachariah Griffin, Kevin Kelley, and Vivi Varon (me!). Watch till the end for hilarious behind the scenes shenanigans!

The event was hosted by Dance For Peace 501(c), QueenVee Entertainment and Jayvee Dance Center, and the funds raised went towards dance scholarships.

Dance Vlog #5: Tour Life

This is a peek at when I was a backup dancer for Dyllan Murray on the Aaron Carter tour. Do what you love and follow your dreams, because sometimes really cool things happen! Nothin’ but gratutude! Find me on Twitter/Istagram: @dancevividance and subscribe to be notified when I post more videos! xoxox

Dance Vlog #1: Practice Makes Perfect

You have to begin your dance journey somewhere! I began taking dance seriously near the end of 2011 after returning from a knee injury and realizing the important role it played in my life. This is a compilation of some rehearsal footage from February- April 2012. I love looking back and seeing how far I’ve come as a dancer and choreographer. It looks crappy AF to me, but that means I’ve grown! I hope to continue seeing my work evolve in retrospect . 😛