DIY: Found Furniture, Before & After

A little paint can flip your dumpster find in no time!

You will need:

  • a piece of furniture you want to make way better
  • enough paint in a color you like
  • a good enough paintbrush
  • maybe sandpaper, depending on how motivated you are feeling
  • also optional, some kind of thing (paper, tarp, cloth) to protect the floor
  • masking tape

DIY: Book with Hidden Compartment

Learn how to make a book with a secret hiding spot! This version is based on the film “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Supplies and Cost of Materials:
Book: Adventures of Tom Sawyer (classic hardcover from Barnes & Noble)- $12
X-Acto Knife Z Series #1- $4.49
1″ Paint Brush- $0.99
Mod Podge 8 oz. Puzzle Glue- $7.99

For an added touch, you can toss in some of “Zuzu’s petals” in the hidden space. Have fun with it! Again, the inscription should read:

Dear (person receiving gift),

Remember no man
is a failure who has

Thanks for the wings!

(your name)