Jason Silva Pleads with Ex Girlfriend (‘Shots of Awe’ Parody)

Jason’s ex has been playing brain games with his broken heart.

I first heard about Jason Silva on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and enjoyed the exploration of topics from an optimistic futurist perspective. He is the host of Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel, and he makes thought stimulating videos called Shots of Awe. They are heavily philosophical but not beyond grasp, and I have posted what I think is his most popular video below.

If Joe Rogan was a Hot Chick

Somewhere in the multiverse exists a hot chick Joe Rogan. Special thanks to DMT Apparel! Check out for cool shirts like the one featured in this video!

I am a big fan of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and the whole Deathsquad crew. He is a wonderfully inspiring human being, a funny stand up comedian, and his podcast is both grounded in reason and esoterically enlightening. I credit him (and an ex boyfriend for introducing me to the podcast) in my “waking up.” I encourage everyone to check out his podcast and stand up comedy. This is my Ode to Joe.

VIVI International POP ARTIST OVERTAKEN by paparazzi during live show! [VIDEO]

The unfortunate consequences that come with fame, popularity, and general good looks are super fans and paparazzi, phenomena the international pop artist, VIVI, is no stranger to. Just last night, during the performance of her hit single, Shitty Booty, photogs bombarded the starlet, trying to get the perfect snapshot of what many describe as the ass of our generation (in reference to actual ass, not questionable life choices). The commotion forced her to retreat offstage and her dancers to perform double duty as body guards, a job their chiseled Greek godlike bodies, dancer agility, and overall ability to fiercely werk, Honey, were more than well equipped to handle. The whole incident was captured in the cell phone footage below.

VIVI responds to rumors she is SECRETLY DATING Backup Dancer

VIVI revealed her secret romance with backup dancer and locally famous lead choreographer, Kirby LaBrea, IS TRUE! She posted a photo of the rumored lovebirds to her Instagram account with the telling hashtag, #bae, in the caption, confirming our suspicions.

She claims her bae loves her despite him clearly stating, “I am a homosexual,” in the recently surfaced behind the scenes footage below. Regardless, we predict wedding bells in the adorable couple’s very near future and can’t wait to see them perform together this Friday!

BREAKING NEWS: VIVI performing hit single SHITTY BOOTY in Los Angeles!!! 1

We have just received confirmation that international pop artist, VIVI, is performing her hit single, Shitty Booty, for the first time in the United States! Also for the first (maybe last) time anywhere. Here’s the scoop:

Elixir Show (21+)
When: Friday, February 27 @ 7:30 pm
Where: The Federal Bar in NoHo Arts District
Cost: FREE

There is no guest list. Just tell security “I pooped my pants. Can I change in your restroom?” to gain free admission. You can also get in free just by showing up and saying you are there for the show. Your call.

Important Note: Don’t actually tell security you pooped your pants and need to change in the restroom. Unless you did. Then, actually, you should go home and not ever be in public.

Angry Tweets from Self Proclaimed International Pop Artist Calling for Boycott of Grammys

International pop artist, VIVI, dismayed over her Grammy snub, began what can only be described as live tweeting her emotions late this morning.

Her emotional display turned to a call for a boycott of the popular awards show, hashtagging the title of her inexplicable hit single, Shitty Booty. Shameless self promotion?

She decidedly quit music, then, mere seconds later, unquit.

The tweets ended there, when sources close to the… artist… tell us she passed out in a drunken stupor.

EXCLUSIVE interview with VIVI | International Pop Artist.

EXCLUSIVE Interview with VIVI | International Pop Artist 2

Citing getting “better looking” and being recognized in grocery chain, Trader Joe’s, as highlights of her music career, rising international pop artist, VIVI, reveals all in this exclusive new interview and leaves us asking, “Is this girl for real?”

An overnight success story, this interview comes a day after releasing her first single, Shitty Booty. She is expected to release another single this week. Will it be as controversial as the first? Our sources tell us expect the same cutting edge, raw lyrics, but also, don’t be surprised if she reinvents herself literally days into her career. Subscribers to her youtube channel will be the first to know.